DID YOU KNOW? Audiences Are More Attracted to Movement on Signs2 A study conducted by Intel demonstrated that animated digital content consistently attracted four to six times the number of viewers compared to the equivalent static posters. In addition, the exposure time was substantially longer, with viewers spending 50% longer (2.0 seconds vs. 1.6 seconds) […]


More companies are embracing the cost-effective opportunities offered by new dynamic advertising technology. Companies with digital signage are more likely to get customers in the store, direct them to more areas of the store and increase customer time in the store. Multiple studies prove the strong ROI and ROO of digital signage systems. In 2010, […]

10 key stats that are accelerating the adoption of digital signage

Digital Signage is becoming a reputable marketing resource as technology advances continue to improve capabilities. Despite businesses in the past being hesitant to incorporate signage into their marketing strategy, forward thinking corporates are now ceasing the opportunity to attract attention, leverage up-sells and influence purchase decisions. We take a look at statistics from the digital […]