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Check out our Digital Signage Presentation on Bitesize

Watch as Amy Paffrath and Salonsense CEO Max Gangon discuss Salonsense TV at Bitesize TV Studios in the heart of Hollywood. See how Salonsense TV can increase your sales, interactivity with your customers and make you life easier with all digital marketing efforts done just for you! Salonsense Media not only provides the digital signage hardware but the software to market your salon with ease.



Digital advertising for your salon just got easier with Salonsense TV. Simply connect your existing TVs to our exclusive plug and play technology. Our easy to use system allows you to select the content you wish to display. Increase sales with our digital signage solution. Plug. Play. Promote.

– Choose from this exciting content for your screens. –

[euxino_icon_box title=”Weather Feeds” subtitle=”Display your current weather or weather from separate locations” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-cloud” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]
[euxino_icon_box title=”News Feeds” subtitle=”Create custom content displaying the latest news” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-newspaper-o” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]
[euxino_icon_box title=”Pricing” subtitle=”Create custom pricing menus that allow you to update on the fly” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-usd” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]
[euxino_icon_box title=”Video Ads” subtitle=”Create a custom video advertisement to boost your sales” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-line-chart” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]
[euxino_icon_box title=”MP4 Videos” subtitle=”Salonsense supports MP4 and videos for all platforms” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-video-camera” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]
[euxino_icon_box title=”Twitter Posts/ Mentions” subtitle=”Control your Twitter feeds and display your mentions” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-twitter” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]
[euxino_icon_box title=”# Instagram ” subtitle=”Control your customers’ hashtags and create more followers” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-instagram” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]
[euxino_icon_box title=”Facebook Posts” subtitle=”Get likes and allow check ins for more followers on Facebook” titles_color=”#ffffff” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-facebook” alignment=”euxino-icon-box-left” color=”#3eadff”]

Top Features


The way we communicate and consume information is changing. Salonsense TV enables you to reach and engage your customers where they’re at, during a critical point in the purchase process. We help you make your first impression a memorable one.


When you hire new employees, you need to bring them up to speed as quickly as possible. ON DEMAND from Salonsense TV lets you do just that, by giving your employees the ability to access training content on a wide variety of products.


 Referral marketing has never been easier thanks to Facebook. Salonsense TV encourages check ins at your salon and can help you promote your Loyalty Deals. With over 155 million active US social media users, half of which are ages 18-34, this is an audience you don’t want to miss out on.
“Since the installation of Salonsense TV our check ins have tripled.”
Karianna Roach -Tan Company


Free demo for multi-site businesses!

If you have 50 or more locations we’ll create a free demo to show you just how convenient and flexible Salonsense TV is across multiple business sites.