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Web Development and Marketing for your salon

Salon Website Design

Responsive Web Design

We design and build all of our websites to look great for desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. Responsive Web Design allows all users to access your website from anywhere at anytime without any hassle.

Homepage Content Sliders

Lead customers where you want them to go. Homepage Content Sliders allows us to organize , compress and showcase your important information quickly and creatively with minimal scrolling.

Social Media

Connect, attract and engage. With Social Media Web integration, users can share your site images, print coupons, like your Facebook page, view your Instagram feed + more.

Products Catalog

With our fully custom Products Catalog Plugin, users are able to see what products your carry in your store inventory at any place at anytime.

Additional Features

As an additional feature, every new website comes with a locations page and Map to drive customers to your locations. Basic SEO services so people can find your website in any search engine. Pertinent contact information + more.

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