The test unit worked flawlessly – came right up and downloaded new content immediately.  Nice job!!!

Ben G.

Palm Beach Tan


A customer walked into the salon a few minutes after I installed the Salonsense Media on the TV in the lobby.  The sales associate was busy with customers at the counter so the new customer had a seat and started watching the TV.  When the sales associate was able to finally engage with the waiting customer a few minutes later, the customer already had her questions answered by the TV and was able to move forward immediately with her transaction, with minimal explanation from the associate.  The salon associate said to me “Wow, the PBTv really works!”. I see the benefit a two-fold; an accelerated sales process by informing the customers while they wait and the ability to handle more customers in a shorter amount of time.  Being greeted by a “virtual associate” until the salon associate is available will take my business to the next level.  I also really like the news and weather banners to hold the attention of my customers. Thanks Salonsense Media!


Vince K.

Owner | Palm Beach Tan Spokane


Since we have installed Salonsense TV in our stores I am always playing around with the different features. I love being able to search through all the lotions and then be able to see the highlights that each lotion provides. Also the videos make it easy to show someone how to do a Mystic tan if they are just waiting in the lobby waiting to use the equipment. The constantly changing media also brings such a change of pace to the store as opposed to us running the same 2 min video clip from open to close. I just want to also let you know your support team has been extremely helpful and patient in helping me fix problems that may arise.  Thank you again Salonsense Media ! You guys are great!

Joey W.

AUS103 Manager


In 2013, Sun Tan City decided to reevaluate in-salon digital signage/advertising vendors and products.  After a careful analysis and consideration, we chose to migrate to SalonsenseTV, and we have been very pleased with that decision.  It is a vast improvement over what we had in place, and far more suitable for our growing needs at Sun Tan City.  We can now schedule and deliver various forms of video content in multiple ways, across multiple monitors or TVs – behind the counter or on our widescreen TV in our lobby area.  We’ve been able to expand and offer more relevant content that can be used to improve the entertainment, sales and service experience overall.  Currently, we show our promotions, our bed mix and pricing on the monitor behind the counter, while our lobby display is able to run how-to video, along with other, promos, products, plus stream local area weather, sports and news.   The Salonsense Media team was able to work with us to automate price change feeds and content changes, and customize other display segments to better fit our overall needs.  And, with the ability to utilize the mini, wireless Android computer/player, it affords us great flexibility and affordability for installation and support.  We are also further evaluating how this system can assist our staff and clients by displaying product and other training and educational information, websites and other online content through the use of a wireless barcode scanner and(or) the Android computer remote.  We have had the system in place for several months now, have gotten great support and are very happy with that decision to move to Salonsense TV.

Bill K.

Chief Information Officer | Sun Tan City


We LOVE PBTv.  It’s awesome and ya’ll are doing a WONDERFUL job.  Thanks VERY much.

Tom B.



I love Salonsense Media ! Max and Liz are always so helpful and quick to respond to every question or request.  The content is wonderful, and their work on the animated videos we run are top-notch. They are always checking in with us to see how they can improve and are on top of everything before we even ask. We receive compliments from the store managers and customers all the time. The in-salon atmosphere is definitely improved due to PBTv and everyone is loving it! It’s been a pleasure working with Salonsense Media, and we look forward to working on more projects with them. I would absolutely recommend them to everyone!”

Lauren D.

Account Manager


I wanted to let you know that the PBTv looks great and the animated videos you guys have been doing are awesome.

Courtnay H.

Account Supervisor