Why Digital Signage is for you?

Digital Signage is an emerging marketing technique used all over the nation. It’s proven to increase sales and interactivity with your customers. Places we visit daily are beginning to convert all internal marketing efforts to a digital format. Our digital signage software (Salonsense TV) will give you the competitive edge on your marketing techniques. With our easy to use plug and play devices you will spend less time on marketing allowing you to re-invest the time you’ve gained back into your business. See our case studies below.

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Palm Beach Tan

After looking at several different signage options Palm Beach Tan uses Salonsense TV Digital Signage software exclusively. Having stores nationwide has given us a wide market to do our case study.

Sun Tan City

When Sun Tan City came across Salonsense TV it made dollars and sense to switch from their current digital signage provider. Since the switch, there has been nothing but positive results with minimal cost.

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